Visualising timeless eclecticism

Wedgwood is an iconic British brand with an amazing 260 year history. With luxury codes evolving and maximalism well and truly having a moment in interior design, there has never been a more opportune moment for Wedgwood to shine.

Together with the team at Wedgwood we set out to capture this eclectic affluence through rich images set in a bold and colourful environment. Matching this myriad of patterns and bold statement pieces into a coherent and inspiring universe was a true joy. Seldom do we say this but in the case of Wedgwood more is more.

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“What I most cherish in our collaboration is trust: trust that we are on brand, trust that we share common ground with aesthetics, trust that everything is done on time and most of all, done right.”
Minna Hiltunen
Innovation Design Manager

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